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El segmento de los monos, transmitido en un canal privado libio, quizá sea un ejemplo especialmente indignante. No obstante, desde hace alrededor de un año, en los programas cómicos de Egipto y Kuwait, así como en un video musical de una estrella pop libanesa, también se han visto estas caras pintadas de negro. On Friday, the president declared a national emergency to access billions of dollars to build the wall, transforming a highly charged policy dispute into a fundamental confrontation over the separation of powers.

Sounds like a contender for summer 2020. But neighborhoods — even adjacent blocks — varied widely, he noticed: “One street looks great, and you cross to the other street and it was a different world.”

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Bilott shared the message he hopes audiences will take away from the film: "Even one individual standing up could make a change. You know, somebody like Wilbur Tennant, who knew something bad was happening to his animals, to his family, to his community. You know, somebody like that standing up can take on even the biggest powers against him in the community. Coming together can make a huge difference." You also seem to be a fan of to-do lists.

At its height in the 1920s, the publication had a circulation of more than 250,000, with editions printed around the country. “It was huge,” said Mr. Lipsky, who wrote “The Rise of Abraham Cahan” and founded The New York Sun, a New York City daily broadsheet that lasted from 2002 to 2008. “This was not perceived to be a joke,” Mr. Pelley added.

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Log InInstead, AAA has come up with a standardized list of names for ADAS features that it hopes automakers will adopt. AAA says carmakers could still use their own brand names, but encourages them to use the standardized terms in advertising, owners' manuals and other locations "so consumers can more clearly understand what technology is present on the vehicle." • Some House Democrats will send pointed messages to Mr. Trump with the guests they bring to his address, including climate scientists and survivors of sexual assault.